(Prices are negotiable)

With this business package it includes 1 video, 3 photos for $300 per month. Plus we will be in contact, and I’d love to help show you how to use the content I provide. For the max capability, to bring you social media sites to the next level! Instagram, Youtube etc.

This is a monthly contract, and you can cancel at any point. After the monthly intervals.

I will personally come to your location of choice, and film just about any style of video you may need!

(You can check out some of my recent projects over on my “promotional videos” portfolio page)

If you know you want to promote your awesome business, but you’re just not sure how you want too? just ask, i’d love to throw around some ideas. We’ll come up with a concept that you, and your viewers can get behind, and boost that engagement/sales!

With this package it also includes 3 edited, and processed photos that you can use wherever you see fit! Lets talk Instagram for a minute: the average viewer on IG watches a video for less than 3 seconds. that why its SO important to have meaningful, clear branding. If you can hook them in, and get there attention in those first 3 seconds. They are much more likely to pay attention to what you have to say. And same with your account, the first 9 photos they see on your Instagram grid. That’s where they decide if you’re worth their time or not, and that is where the Photography comes in! Use those photos to share your story, show what your up too, your new products, the new employee, maybe just a bit of filler to keep your online presence alive!

(you can also check out some of my recent photography work over on my “photography” portfolio page.)

Let me know if you have any questions on anything. And I can’t wait to work with you!

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